I've had a camera in my hands as long as I can remember. Inspiration came in the form of an old camera we had at home. I don't know who used it, but it was always there. My parents were wise enough not to give the antique Leica camera to a child, so I received my first 35mm camera and off I went.

I took pictures of anything and everything, but I was attracted to flowers at first. As I grew older, different things piqued my interest. After I became a mom, it was obvious my kids were my center focus.

Luckily, my kids also liked having their pictures taken. As they've grown though, I find that I miss the babies and toddlers with their little tiny toes and little tiny fingers putting everything in their mouths.

Although I've photographed everything from senior portraits to pets, my favorite is still kids and the glorious beginning of motherhood.

Let me show how beautiful you are with child, how adorable your newborn is, how funny your thumb-sucking one year old is, how precocious your bug-eating two year old is, how entertaining your three year old is with their pet, and yes, you can bring your dog.pets

I'm looking forward to meeting you all!